Humboldt Sunsets Book

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A collection of 31 high-color, glossy print photos. Paperback, 8.5 x 11 in.

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Sunsets are cyclical events available to almost everyone on earth. They are nature’s greatest spectacle. A daily reminder that we are part of this creation but powerless in the presence of such beauty and the energy it emits. Sunsets are the connection between light and darkness, an explosion of light and color before night takes hold. And we stand to attention each time an opportunity to watch it unfolds.

Matt’s images show how grand a familiar event can be as he captures the sunsets in Humboldt. The power of deep colors tells many stories as one flips through the pages; it feels larger than it is, almost as if you were looking at these images on a theater screen.

‘Humboldt Sunset’ displays 31 photographs; every sunset awakens your senses as if you were looking at page one for the first time; the depiction not only resembles paintings but carries so much energy that it seems to have a life of its own.

Matthew Busse’s ‘Humboldt Sunset’ is poetry on canvas.

-Joelcy Kay, Editor & Curator – Edge of Humanity Magazine

Here is a preview of all the photos included:
(Clicked on any photo below to open a slideshow of the photos.)
More additional photos from each of these sunsets, visit the full Humboldt Sunsets, Vol 1 Gallery

Each of these photos is also available for order as a print, contact me for more info.

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