Hope Creek to Ten Teypo Trail – 5-13-23

This weekend I explored a new trail in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park – the Hope Creek to Ten Teypo Trail! have a handful of favorite trails in the park I tend to rotate through, so it was fun to explore a new area!

The two trails form a loop of 3.9 miles, a mildly strenuous climb up to the ridge, and then back down again. The downside is that up at the ridge, a fair amount of traffic noise from 101 is audible, but that’s only for a short stretch of the trail. Otherwise, it’s a very peaceful trail.

From the start, the trail greeted me with beautiful redwood groves 🤩

Met this pretty little fungal friend along the trail 🤣

A highlight of the Hope Creek Trail is a walk-through tree, where the trail passes through the trunk of a living redwood giant 😃

It’s a cool experience to walk inside and look up at a living giant like that ☺️ Like the tree is standing on legs!

Here’s the view from inside, looking out

There’s a second giant redwoods next to this on that’s also standing on legs, with a hollow space underneath. They seemed to be a pair 😊 And in this particular spot, doves were singing, it felt like a significant moment, sharing space with this pair of ancient living beings 💚

A few more beautiful redwood scenes

And then this scary-looking face in a tree, near the end of the loop 🤣

Overall, a good hike, but I don’t think it’s going to be on my list of favorites, there are many other trails where you can’t hear the 101 at all, those will remain my favorites 😉 But this trail was a beautiful change of pace 😊

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