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Friends of the Dunes Trail 5-6-23

Bright sunshine, beautiful puffy clouds, and oodles of wildflowers on the Friends of the Dunes nature trail this past weekend 😃 Taken in Humboldt County, CA on Saturday, May 6th, 2023. Back to Latest Photos Back to Other Photos

Loons of Lake Lucerne

Loons are magical creatures 🤩 Graceful, majestically beautiful, with a haunting, melodic song. During the two summers I spent on Lake Lucerne, in Northern Wisconsin, loons were a constant presence. One summer I volunteered for Loon Watch, to monitor the behavior of the loons on our lake. Five loons lived on Lake Lucerne while I…

Indian Cove Nature Trail – Joshua Tree 4-14-23

For our first hike in Joshua Tree, Jenn and I checked out the Indian Cove Nature Trail, a short (0.6 mile) hike filled with signs identifying the native plant species (Jenn was very excited about that 😁) I’ve spent enough time in the desert to know that this amount of color, although subtle, is unusual…