Loons of Lake Lucerne

Loons are magical creatures 🤩 Graceful, majestically beautiful, with a haunting, melodic song.

During the two summers I spent on Lake Lucerne, in Northern Wisconsin, loons were a constant presence. One summer I volunteered for Loon Watch, to monitor the behavior of the loons on our lake.

Five loons lived on Lake Lucerne while I was there. This unpaired lone loon lived in our bay, so I often saw him, floating alone out on the water.

This misty sunrise was a particularly striking day 😍 You can see the lone loon, serenely floating in the early morning light.

Down at the south end of the lake lived a mating pair. We found their nest one day, right next to the water on a tiny island (where loon’s prefer to nest).

Then one day, a month or so later, I was kayaking down at the south end, and the mama and baby loon were out fishing. They came really close to me, enabling me to get these wonderful photos 😍

Even capture the mama feeding the baby!

And these two great photos of the mama alone, which really show the colors of the eye and neck 😊

Several of these are now available on my website! Click here: Birds

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