Media Types for Photography Prints

There are lots of options available to print my photos from my website, and deciding which is best can be a little overwhelming.

Each print type has advantages and disadvantages, so the decision really comes down to your personal taste.

    Here’s a rundown of the available media types:

    • Paper – Affordable, archival quality, paper looks great and is the cheapest to print, but in order to hang a paper print, it must be framed, which greatly increases the overall cost to hang.
    • Canvas – Canvas wraps are another great choice – bright colors, minimal glare, and ready to hang without a frame. Photos printed on canvas can sometimes look like paintings, the classic, museum look.
    • Metal – Sleek, thin aluminum – floats off the wall for a modern look. Metal prints are also ready to hang without a frame, and show brighter, more vivid colors compared to paper, and sharper detail compared to canvas. However, metal is also subject to glare from reflected light, so it is not great for walls that receive a lot of light.
    • Acrylic – Unique, glass-like appearance with vibrant colors. Acryllic prints are coated with a 1/4″ layer of acryllic which really increases the vibrancy and depth, providing the sharpest, most detailed prints, but also the highest cost. Acryllic prints can also be hung without a frame, and are also subject to glare, so again, the placement of the print needs to be considered.

    Here’s a brief video talking more about media types:

    Here’s a more detailed look at canvas prints:

    And here’s more info on metal prints:

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