Great Blue Heron at Arcata Marsh 5-17-23

I had a great photo shoot with this majestic Great Blue Heron at the Arcata Marsh yesterday 😍 He was a little shy at first, hiding behind bushes. But eventually he came out in the open and posed for some great shots! 🤩 How do these B&W images look? Back to Latest Photos Back toContinue reading “Great Blue Heron at Arcata Marsh 5-17-23”

Loons of Lake Lucerne

Loons are magical creatures 🤩 Graceful, majestically beautiful, with a haunting, melodic song. During the two summers I spent on Lake Lucerne, in Northern Wisconsin, loons were a constant presence. One summer I volunteered for Loon Watch, to monitor the behavior of the loons on our lake. Five loons lived on Lake Lucerne while IContinue reading “Loons of Lake Lucerne”

Indian Cove Nature Trail – Joshua Tree 4-14-23

For our first hike in Joshua Tree, Jenn and I checked out the Indian Cove Nature Trail, a short (0.6 mile) hike filled with signs identifying the native plant species (Jenn was very excited about that 😁) I’ve spent enough time in the desert to know that this amount of color, although subtle, is unusualContinue reading “Indian Cove Nature Trail – Joshua Tree 4-14-23”